welcome to the teal blue world.

Thank you for your full order. Making a kitchen knife roll case of an unprecedented size was also a big challenge for me.

There were only two requests from you. you said it could store 25 pockets and liked the blue color. All the other details were left to me. Please feel that your intuition was corrected by picking up the knife roll case and using it.

[Product description]

Hand-dyed vegetable tanned leather is sprayed with resist dye and waterproof as a finishing material.

Waterproof spray is also applied to the canvas fabric. Occasionally clean the canvas fabric with a waterproof spray to store kitchen utensils.

Please note that cowhide may discolor if used while wet. Replenish with leather cream sometimes.

[How to use]

This body can be rolled up like a roll cake. open and close with a buckle belt. The buckle belt has a button so easy to open.

The length of the shoulder belt can be adjusted.

A guard (stopper) is attached to the bottom of the pocket that stores a long kitchen knife, so you can remove it if you do not need it.

This kitchen knife roll case has a zipper pocket in addition to storing 25 knives. Because of its large capacity, it becomes very large, Maybe I think so heavy. Sometimes possible to use it in two parts. It is convenient to use them separately.

(Caution) If you carry too few knives, there is a risk that the knives will fall out. Put air packing etc. in the pocket of the unused kitchen knife.

*canvas = hanpu

I look forward to seeing you and me in each other’s countries in the near future. And thank you very very much of my heart for meeting you.

I hope your great creative work will going to be successfull.Thank you .